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Let me introduce myself. My name is Albert L. Niccolai. I grew up on Galveston Island, started fishing with my father when I was five years old and have been fishing ever since. As I grew older I started tinkering with fishing reels. I learned how they work and how to service them correctly.


Professionally, I was a diesel  mechanic by trade for twenty-three years. In 1998, I began teaching other people how to work with diesel engines at Texas State Technical College in Palacios, Texas. In December of 2010 the campus in Palacios was closed due to budget cuts. This opened the door to my new business, Neptune Reel Repair Service. I combined my experience with engines and fishing reels, attended a professional reel repair school that covered all models, and set out to be the premium reel repair service business in the nation.


I can service, clean or repair any make or model of fishing reel. No matter if it is a small spin cast reel or a large off shore bait cast reel. I also do fishing rod repairs, so send your rod along with your reel, we can fix them both.


I strive to be the best in the fishing reel business, offer great service, and fair/competitive prices.




Albert Niccolai

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